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About Us

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My story

My name is Adriana and I would like introduce you to the history of the Adriana Mille brand. One day in Paris I was walking around with my friends checking out the beautiful shops and cozy cafes having lots of fun. I was truly absorbed by the magical atmosphere of Paris with all of my mind body and soul.

While exploring the tourist attractions I had a realisation that would be the foundation for my life’s work. Paris is a city where girls strive to look stylish and elegant while out walking and exploring the city. I looked down at my shoes and thought to myself “if only these beautiful designer boots had a more cushioned sole, softer leather and a lower heel…” And then it struck me!

I could create my own shoe line, which encapsulates style and elegance, while allowing the wearers feet to be comfortable at the same time. From that moment on I couldn’t think anything else, I started the development process immediately. I’ve invested a lot of my time researching the anatomical features of human feet and speaking to experts before I began drawing my first sketches. Now my creations are ready to be showcased to the world.

Our brands mission is to allow femininity and beauty to come to the fore rather than hide behind shapeless clothes and shoes. Today the Adriana Millie product line extends beyond just shoes and we are constantly working on new designs. A women no longer has to choose between comfort and style, she can have it all with Adriana Mille.

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